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Announcing the Birth of Your New Baby!

You're back home and all of your family and friends are willing to find out your new infant, but have you thought about officially announcing your infant's arrival? The birth of your baby could be a really exciting and unique time and as proud parents, you are going to want to shout about your beautiful baby boy or girl. The time after birth is an emotional roller-coaster but it is also one of those rare occasions in life that you really wish to mark and remember. The most traditional and frequent way is to send baby announcement cards. These may be hand-crafted by yourself to provide a personal touch or ordered online. Some cards have fairly designs which are generic whilst some others are personalized to include your own information and just a photograph of your baby. General details include the title of your baby, date of birth, weight at birth and the parent's names.

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 If taken in the correct manner, a photograph of your baby can make a fantastic addition to the card. Pictures that are taken close up of your infant's face and in black and white can provide fantastic results. There are also other baby photography tips that will help you achieve the perfect photograph. If making your own card you can try adding your babies foot or hand print, acting as a reminder a long time to come exactly how little your baby was! 

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Depending on the time of year, you might also subject your cards, such as at Easter or Christmas time. There really is no limitation to what you can do, try to be as creative as possible. Whatever you choose to do, announcement and birth cards can be a terrific way of letting folks know about your good news and also make beautiful keepsakes for your future! This article was written by John Threlfall of 'New Baby Cards'. John became a proud father on New Year's Eve of 2009 to his first baby girl, Abigail. This spurred his interest in marking the occasion and affected John in establishing his own infant cards website at We hope you have enjoyed the report!my here  

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